Rotary Club of Chelwood Bridge Online Events  

Welcome to the Rotary Club of Chelwood Bridge Virtual Quiz Night which will be a fun event and at the same time you will be helping the Club raise funds for local causes. You will be marking your own answer sheets  so trust you to play fair.

  • Teams can be made up of up to 4 persons. 
  • The use of mobile phones and other devices  for the purpose looking up answers  are banned during the Quiz.
  • Ensure you have pens at the ready and download the Quiz answer sheets beforehand and your Joker card.
  • Enter your Team name on the top of your answer sheet.
  • When registering please advise your Team name which needs to be your Zoom sign in name.
  • There will be no half points.
  • The Joker can be used once on any Round,  apart from two,  which the Quiz Master will announce at the outset. On the Round the Joker is used double points will apply.
  • At the end of each Round please provide your score by writing it in  large numbers, with your team name above, on the reverse of the respective answer sheet, and holding it up to the screen. The Official Scorer will keep a tally and announce scores periodically.
  • A prize will be awarded to the Team with the highest score at the end of the Quiz.
  • The Quiz Masters decision is final.

Please download the Quiz answer sheet and Joker that are required for the Quiz
The files are available in both .Word,(docx) and Adobe, (.pdf)  format.

Quiz answer sheet in docx format
Quiz answer sheet in pdf format
   Joker in docx format
Joker in pdf format